What to Know About the Mexico City Policy

In just over two weeks, President Donald Trump has passed a total of nineteen executive orders, varying from immigration reform to an anti-refugee bill.  One of the first orders, passed a day after the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, was the Mexico City policy, also known as the global gag rule.  Understanding this bill, as well as the others that have been passed, is imperative to resistance.

In simple terms, the Mexico City policy prohibits any U.S. funding be given to global, nongovernmental organizations that provide abortion services.  That means that even organizations like Planned Parenthood International, whose abortion services make up only eight percent of total services, will not longer receive U.S. dollars.

While of course this still be an issue if pertaining to domestic organizations, the fact that the defunding affects international groups is a huge problem.  The organizations that have low percentages of abortion services deal mostly with preventing unplanned pregnancies.  They provide contraceptives, birth control and family planning.

In developing countries, this is necessary for the country to grow and improve their standard of living.  The status of women is the number one determinant of whether or not a country will be able to develop: if women are uneducated and have high birth rates, the country will remain in low phases of development.  Of course, with funding put into organizations like Planned Parenthood, this problem can be remediated with family planning.

These organizations also provide STI testing and mammograms at little to no cost, which is LITERALLY saving lives by spotting life-threatening diseases in enough time to begin treatment plans.

Taking U.S. dollars out of these organizations is a selfish move on America’s part.  As a country with a high standard of life and a fairy decent GDP, we should utilize our privilege to help countries that are struggling to develop.  Trump’s executive order is a threat to global peace and the “American Way,” and therefore will NOT be accepted.  Call your state senator, write emails, protest, or donate money to these organizations.  We must do all we can to resist.


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